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When two automotive cultures come together, great things can be created. In the case of Britain's newest car manufacturer and coachbuilder – Ant-Kahn – a meeting of minds formed the basis for an explosion of creative energy.

Ant-Kahn is a fusion of the different skillsets of two remarkable car fanatics - Afzal Kahn, Principle Designer of his own Kahn group of companies and Ant Anstead, vehicle engineering and manufacturing expert. The specialist knowledge of each, gleaned from completely different areas of the vehicle production spectrum, nestle together very nicely within Ant-Kahn.

Ant-Kahn is a young, dynamic company completely dedicated to British manufacturing and to the creation of outstanding hand built motor cars. We are dedicated to furthering the excellence of British vehicle manufacture and the traditions of hand finished coach building are at the heart of the company's ethos. These skills are enhanced by cutting edge, 21st century prototyping and manufacturing technologies.

We are based in London, the nation's capital, but with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Britain's automotive heartland of Coventry. Ant-Kahn utilise a delicate balance of traditional coach building skills and advanced automotive and aerospace technologies to hone a product that fuses Britain's glorious automotive heritage with the exhilarating white heat of its future.

Ant-Kahn's highly sought after cars follow in the footsteps of the pioneers of the modern age and aim to maintain Britain's place in the forefront of world manufacturing innovation.

The company have exciting future plans that extend from coach built special editions to series manufacture of high performance vehicles. This is a car company to watch!

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